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We help businesses when everything is exciting and new – we form companies and trusts, we draft terms and conditions, we draft and review all manner of contracts – and then we are also there when things go pear shaped, when there’s a disagreement or when a nasty letter arrives needing attention. We’re knowledgeable, we’re easy to work with, and we get stuff done – so that you can get on with doing what you do best.

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"I initially approached ABC Lawyers for will and estate planning. Despina was incredibly knowledgeable, always available to answer any questions and was fantastic to work with. Since then, Despina has become our trusted business lawyer. The legalities of business can be very complicated - if you're looking for expert guidance and advice you can trust, look no further then Despina and AB&C Lawyers!"

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This is why we’re here

“What the world needs now are more law firms, commercial law firms in particular.” –  Said no one, ever My parents are social workers.  The real deal.  My mother was even an academic for most of her professional life, making social workers.  And my parents aren’t the only ones in my family who are health

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My Contracts Top 5

I get that for most people, contracts aren’t what dreams are made of.  But for me, when I hear the word “contract”, my heart skips a beat.  I can’t describe how thrilling it is to see defined terms and the long words that they hang off arranged in paragraphs and sub-paragraphs.  It’s very exciting. Contracts

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Going into business with your bestie? Read this first

You met at one of those pub quiz nights.  She was amazed by your detailed knowledge of new wave post-punk pop circa 1982.  You were in awe of her ability to name every planet in our solar system – and their moons.  Your mutual admiration led to a conversation that somehow gave birth to a

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