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Head of legal

Despina is a lawyer with almost 20 years experience in both transactional law (think setting up companies, when everyone is playing nice, drafting contracts, sales of business) and disputes (when the love is gone and help is needed to untangle business relationships with minimum drama).

Despina actually enjoys being a lawyer. She loves getting to know her clients and their businesses. She takes the time to find out what her clients do and how they do it, so that she can give them the best advice possible and make everything that she does for them relevant and useful.

Despina is a happy, warm and friendly person, and she takes pride in the unpretentious legal practice that she and Pip have created together.


Head of Everything else

Working quietly in the background, you will find Pip. Pip makes everything work. Pip is the reason that things appear to happen smoothly in our office, as if by magic. Pip sprinkles special legal assistant fairy dust all over our lovely and light office, and it brings us order and it makes everything beautifully seamless. Pip loves combining her creative skills with organisation and helping Despina to do what she does best. You will often find her talking about coffee, plants and her two dogs.

About The Firm

With an office in a lovely co-working community at Little City, Adelaide, we work with our clients to produce beautiful, clear and comprehensive contracts that work for them and their customers. AB&C Lawyers also provides services on almost all aspects of business law, from trademarks to franchising and licencing, and leases and employment law; and if things turn sour in a business relationship, we are there to help. We can help you to set up your business, advising you on structure and creating companies and trusts, and we also provide advice on succession planning for your business, which is incorporated into our wills and estates practice.

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