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Business Structures

We can help you decide what kind of business structure you need, and we liaise with your accountant to ensure that it not only works from a legal perspective, but from a financial and tax perspective, too.

Once we’ve determined what you need, we make it happen.  We draft trust deeds, we register companies and incorporated associations, and we draft all the supporting documents required, such as shareholder agreements and constitutions.  Like all of our work, we do this with you, taking into consideration your needs and the needs of your business.


One of Despina’s favourite things to do in the whole wide world is to draft and review contracts.  Short ones, long ones, simple ones, complicated ones, common ones and unusual-extreme-bespoke ones.

If you need a shareholders agreement, Despina can draft it.  If you need a lease reviewed, she can do that too.  Ditto distribution agreements, employment contracts, or a contract for a loan.  Simply, if you need to commit something to writing, Despina can advise you on what should go into that contract, and then she can draft something that you can understand and use.  And if you need advice on an existing contract or arrangement, Despina can explain how that contracts affects you and what you can do about it – and to that end, Despina is more than happy to kindly explain to the people you are contracting with why something needs to change, how it needs to change, and how it can be done.

Licencing, Trademarks and Franchising

You may have a business with a fabulous logo that you would like to protect with a trademark, or perhaps you are interested in purchasing the rights to use someone else’s intellectual property and you’d like us to review the agreement that you’ve been presented with to ensure that you are buying what was originally promised to you. 

You might even be interested in purchasing a franchise, or creating a franchise of your own.  This is a special form of licencing that is highly regulated, and we can talk you through the requirements and draft or comment upon franchise documentation.


Sometimes, like a marriage, directors and shareholders of companies fall out with each other.  Despina is like a divorce lawyer, but for companies.  If you have a company dispute, Despina can help you to come to an agreement with the other directors and shareholders with the aim of ‘keeping it in the family’ and out of court.

If you do need to go to court, Despina will put on the gloves for you, in the nicest possible way, with a view to ensuring that you walk away with an outcome that you are happy with, and through a process that is as civilised as is possible.

Despina brings the same approach to all disputes that she manages, from contract disputes to employment disputes.  Despina provides expert advice, giving her clients a clear appraisal of their rights and prospects in the dispute, as well as the other side’s position.  She also provides her clients with information and guidance about the disputes process itself, and works with her clients to resolve disputes out of court to the extent that it is possible in the circumstances.  Throughout, Despina is available and supportive to her clients, and is always honest about the strengths and weaknesses of their position, with a view to guiding her clients through the dispute to achieve the best possible outcome for them.

Wills & Succession Planning

The idea of planning what will happen to our businesses and our broader estate when we die doesn’t fill most of us with happiness and joy.  Some of us choose to leave it to chance, and don’t worry about it.  The law is able to deal with estates when a person hasn’t left a will, but it becomes a matter of luck as to whether or not the outcome is a good or a desirable one.

The alternative is to have a cup of coffee with a nice lawyer who can explain the different options available to you, and then, once you’ve had a chance to think about it, draw up a will based upon your instructions.  At the same time, we can look at putting in place powers of attorney and advance care directives for your peace of mind should you need someone to make decisions for you or to administer your affairs while you are alive.

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