This is why we’re here

“What the world needs now are more law firms, commercial law firms in particular.”

–  Said no one, ever

My parents are social workers.  The real deal.  My mother was even an academic for most of her professional life, making social workers.  And my parents aren’t the only ones in my family who are health or allied health professionals.

And then there is me.  The shark who was a banking finance attorney in New York City, working for the world’s biggest banks, defending them in the kind of rogue trader cases that I’d previously thought were only ever found in the movies and drafting documents for the most complicated derivatives deals when the bond market was at its hottest just prior to the GFC.

But I see the similarities.  We’re all about people. When I’m standing behind my computer, tapping out my documents, it’s about keeping your needs in my mind as I draft a contract that will be useful to you, that won’t scare away your customers, but which will protect you.  It’s about being a passionate advocate for you and defending you when you’re in a sticky situation, working out a way to untangle you in the most commercial and gentle way possible.

Pip and I understand that when you come to see me, you may be a little stressed out.  Or maybe just apprehensive.  Or a bit confused.  Or, if you’re like my regular clients, you may  have a bit of excited anticipation for how we are going to handle ‘this one’.

That’s why we have created a lovely calm space at Little City, Prospect Road, as a foil to any anxiety that you might have about coming to see me.  Not to mention that Pip and I also appreciate the comfy chairs, the pretty colours and ABC Classic FM in the background (although on Fridays we’re been known to get a little dancey and bust out anything from Beyonce to Run DMC).

So my office is a great place for a chat to talk about your plans for the future, be it for your business or succession planning, or to chat about what has gone wrong that needs some attention of a legal kind.  Once we’ve worked out what the issues are, we can work out a solution.  There is always a solution; sometimes it involves some conflict, but that’s ok.  I’ve got your back.  

By the same token, we can work together to work out what it is that you need, and then how we are going to get it done.  I’m very good at that, and it’s what I love.

So while the world doesn’t need just another commercial law firm, it does need lawyers  who are warm and kind as well as knowledgeable and experienced.  It needs lawyers who are true professionals, who listen, who advise, and who get things done, without drama or fanfare.

So, if there is something that you need help with – be it advice on starting a new business right through to breaking up with your business partner of 20 years – do get in touch, and we can take it from there.

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